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Applicability of partial duty exemption under HTSUS subhead- ing 9802.00.80 to certain textile products, designed for use as offset printing blankets, imported from Hungary.C.J. Tower & Sons of Buffalo, Inc. (1969);classification.

The tariff classification of CIEGAL, an industrial artificial leather of an impregnated nonwoven fabric, for polishing pads and other industrial applications, from Japan.

Classification of textile fabric; electroplated withmetallic copper; acrylic plastic surface; Heading 5911; Note 7 toChapter 59; Computer display terminal; Video display screen

The tariff classification of an industrial packing braid,from Japan.

The tariff classification of a rubberized printer’s blanket, for use in the printing industry, from Brazil.

The tariff classification of rubberized textile fabric of a kind used for card clothing, from the United Kingdom and Belgium.

The tariff classification of five impregnated yarns composed of P-84 polyamide and Hoechst aramid which are used exclusively in the production of braided packings, from Austria.

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NAFTA eligibility; De Minimis

The tariff classification of printer's rubberized blankets for offset printing, from Germany.

Protest No. 3901-91-100892; Doctor Blade Holders; PartsThereof; 8443.90.50; HQ 085354; HQ 083183; Note 2(b) to SectionXVI; Note 2 to Chapter 84

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