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The tariff classification of a polyurethane coated textile fabric for use in the manufacture of life jackets, and rainwear, etc., from either Korea or Taiwan.

The tariff classification of a laminated fabric to beimported in three different configurations for use in automobileinteriors, from Japan. Dear Mr. Rafferty:

Classification of fabric coated with plastics

Classification of coated fabric

Labels; Clothing labels; man-made fiber; coated non-woven material; coated woven material; coated textiles; parts of clothing; American goods returned; Substantial transformation.

The tariff classification of two imitation leather (pigskinand kid) fabrics for use in footwear linings, from West Germany.

The tariff classification of an imitation leather materialwith a brushed knit backing from Japan. You state that itmay be used in such things as garments, wall coverings andhome furnishings purposes.

Classification of coated fabrics

The tariff classification of garment weight PU coated satin weave textile fabric, of kind used in the outdoor recreational industry, etc., from either Taiwan or Thailand.

The tariff classification of a PU coated textile fabric (packcloth) ofkind used in back packs and luggage, etc., from Thailand.

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