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The tariff classification of woven pile and knitted automotive upholstery fabrics from Japan.

The tariff classification of ribbons, made in Hong Kong from American or Taiwanese woven fabrics.

The tariff classification of chenille upholstery fabric from Italy.

The tariff classification of woven pile upholstery fabrics from Canada.

Internal Advice Request 59/89 regarding classification of vertical blind material

The tariff classification of hook and loop fastener tape from China.

The tariff classification of plain woven primary carpetbacking made from polypropylene strip and leno woven secondarycarpet backing made from a combination of spunpolypropylene yarns and polypropylene strip. Both types offabric will be produced in Mexico.

Fabrics coated with plastics, where coating is not visibleto the naked eye, are not coated for tariff purposes.

Revocation of HRL 086438 of February 21, 1990; Classification of a hook and loop pad and strip; not made up articles; Explanatory Note clarification of meaning of "made up"

Classification of fabric of metalized yarn

Pg. 1 of 143 • 1,428 results