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HRL 083972 modified. Net bag for strollers.

Garfield Catch All

Classification of a raschel knit hammock

Classification of used salmon gill fish nets cut to material size (6 ft. X 20 ft.) and packaged for garden use; NAFTA eligibility; Article 509

Tariff classification of a tub toy bag made in Taiwan.

Classification and country of origin determination for a predator net: 19 CFR 102.21(c)(2)

The tariff classification of a mosquito net from Mexico

The tariff classification of three open-work fabric strips (lace, raschel lace and eyelet embroidery) from Canada.

The tariff classification of five Halloween items from China.

Instruments of International Traffic; Canadian-based Truck; 19 U.S.C. ยง 1322

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