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The tariff classification of various twisted and braided ropes from China

Applicability of partial duty exemption under HTSUS sub- heading 9802.00.80 to 3-strand twisted and 8-strand braided rope to be imported from South Korea.553593;554531;553953; classification;dutiability;subchapter II, Chapter 98, HTSUS.

Impregnated yarns and cords used to absorb sea water in fiber optic cables are not cords for technical uses. Acrylic; resin; visible; naked; eye

Classification of Halloween Costumes

Applicability of duty exemption under subheading 9802.00.80, HTSUS, to polyester and polypropylene ropes created abroad by twisting polyester yarn together and by twisting yarn made out of polypropylene resin pellets together.Further fabrication;assembly;10.14(a);10.16(a); 555221;555128;847184

The tariff classification of braided nylon necklace cords from Taiwan

The tariff classification of decoy cord from Taiwan.

The tariff classification of a 72 Hour Emergency Kit from various countries.

The tariff classification of rope from Thailand

The tariff classification of cords from Taiwan

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