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Fabric for lead acid batteries

The tariff classification of chopped strips of vinylon, nylon and polyaramid, and woven polyaramid fabric from Japan.

The tariff classification of an aramid/stainless steel fiber blend woven fabric and coveralls made from that fabric from Japan or Germany.

The tariff classification of a dobby-woven polyester/acrylic fabric from China

Classification and country of origin status for a laminated materialproduced in the United States from Canadian and U.S. components. U.S.. 19C.F.R. ยง102.21 (c)(3)(ii).

The tariff classification of four plastics coated textile fabrics, for use in the manufacture of roller shades, from Germany.

The tariff classification of a quilted textile fabric for use in the manufacture of garments, sports equipment and horse blankets, etc., from Canada.

Internal Advice request 55/90; woven fabrics coated with 48percent styrene, 52 percent butadiene, are not rubberized fabricsof heading 5906; coatings with styrene content greater than 40percent are presumed to be plastics.

Classification of a woven nylon fabric with a plasticapplication used as an upholstery fabric

The tariff classification of five woven fabric manufactured from yarns of different colors from China.

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