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NYRL 894819 (3/31/94) affirmed; classification of "coatedfabric"; visible to the naked eye prerequisite of Chapter Note2(a)(1) to Chapter 59; subheading 5407.42.0030, HTSUSA. Dear Mr. Clayton:

The tariff classification of nylon woven fabric from Taiwan.

Classification of mushroom growing nets; woven polyethylene;imported in material lengths with no lines of demarcation; not a"part" for agricultural machinery; Section XXII, Chapter 98,Subchapter XVII, U.S. Note 2(e); HRL 087849 (5/22/91); HRL 950216(12/19/91); The Harding Co. et al v. United States, 23 CCPA 250,T.D. 48109 (1936); American Import Co. v. United States, 26 CCPA72, 75, T.D. 49612 (1938); F.H. Paul & Stein Bros., Inc. v.United States, 44 Cust. Ct. 130, C.D. 2166 (1960); Sandvik Steel,Inc. v. United States, 66 Cust. Ct. 12, C.D. 4161, 321 F.Supp.1031 (1971); Naftone, Inc. v. United States, 67 Cust. Ct. 340,C.D. 4294 (1971); Bendix Mouldings, Inc. v. United States, 73Cust. Ct. 204, C.D. 4576, 388 F. Supp. 1193 (1974); AvinIndustrial Products Co. v. United States, 72 Cust. Ct. 43, C.D.4503, 376 F. Supp. 879, reh denied, 72 Cust. Ct. 147, C.D. 4522(1974).

The tariff classification of gimped metallic yarn from Japan.

The tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), of pintlepins assembled in Canada

The tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), of nylon hammocks from Mexico, as well as from Guatemala and Costa Rica; Article 509

The tariff classification of polypropylene ribbon from Italy.

Woven polypropylene bag; plastic strip; heading 5404; EN54.04; apparent width; average width; EN 46.02; Note 1(g), Note1(h), Section XI.

The tariff classification of metallic strip ribbon fromTaiwan.

Modification of HQ 083206; Dog Floss Tug and Chew Toy"; subheading 5609.00.1000, HTSUSA

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