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The tariff classification of printed, three-dimensional decoupage pictures from the United Kingdom.

Decision on Application for Further Review of Protest No. 0712-89-000626; Paperboardrecord sleeves; Not printed matter; Containers.

Revocation of Headquarters Ruling Letter 085524; Printed polypropylene film; Printed matter; Merely incidental to the primary use of the goods; Note 2 to Section VII, HTSUSA; Packing container; Plastic sheet.

Wynn's X-tend Planned Service Care; Other printed matter; Trade advertising material; General Note 4(c); GRI 3(b)

The tariff classification of signs from Canada.

Pressure Sensitive Puffy Stickers from Taiwan

Children's picture book; book; printed matter; binding.

The tariff classification of a toy vehicle from China and a coupon booklet from the U.S.

The tariff classification of printed polyurethane foamnovelties from Canada.

The tariff classification of coupon books from Canada.

Pg. 1 of 128 • 1,277 results