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Image Analysis System; Heading 9027; Pharmacia FineChemicals, Inc. v. United States; physical and chemical analysis;H. Rep. No. 100-576; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(a);Heading 9031; Webster's Third New International Dictionary;Subheading 9031.40.00; measuring or checking instruments; UnitedStates v. Corning Glass Works; measure; Chapter 90, AdditionalU.S. Note 3; optical.

The tariff classification of "Temporary Tattoo Transfers" (printed decals) from Taiwan.

The tariff classification of "Mini Tattoos" from Taiwan.

The tariff classification of "woodgrain hot stamping foils" (printed transfers or decals) from Germany.

Playskool Painter; Battery-Operated Drawing Pad for Children, Drawing Instrument; Lighted Drawing Pad with Pen for Composing and Editing Pictures and Drawings; Chapter 90, Note 1(k); Toy, Heading 9503, Article Designed and Used Principally for Amusement of Children or Adults, Chapter 95 General ENs; HQ 953922 , HQ 957958, HQ 958805

The tariff classification of a wallet having an outer surface of fabric backed plastic sheeting from Hong Kong

The tariff classification of a woman's nightgown from India

The tariff classification of “nail decos” tatoos, from China

The tariff classification of "Bratz Styling Sticker Art Set" from China.

The tariff classification Tattoo Make-up Kits from China

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