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The tariff classification of "Sounds by Me" Recordable Book, from the Peoples Republic of China.

The tariff classification of travel books from Colombia.

The tariff classification of printing proofs and negativesfrom Canada.

Automatic Data Processing Machines; ADP; Units; Parts; Motherboard Without CPU; Floppy Disc Drive; Keyboards; Cabinet Assemblies; Software; Manuals; Labels

"Talking Magical Storytime" Children's Book; Electronic Reading Tray; Read Only Memory Cartridge; GRI 3(b); Set

Automatic Data Processing Units; Workstation; CentralProcessing Unit; Keyboard; Mouse; Monitor; Printer;Software Cartridges; Stand; Table; Furniture; Installation Guides

Talk N Play; HQ 088044; GRI 3; GRI 3(b); GRI 3(c); set put upfor retail sale; GRI 3(b), EN (VIII); Heading 4901; Heading 8542;Heading 4903; Chapter 85, note 6; HQ 950925.

The tariff classification of seat covers from England.

Internal Advice (IA) 23/92; Classification and valuation of software programs, instruction manuals and "right to copy" certificate

The tariff classification and country of origin marking of printed booklets from Canada.

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