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Labels; aluminum foil covered paper; paper coated with metal powder; uncoated paper; lithographic process; General EN, chapter 48; Note 1(m), chapter 48; EN 48.21; 4911; paper and paperboard labels of all kinds; GRI 3(a); EN 49.11; 7606; aluminum foil (whether or not printed, or backed with paper, paperboard, plastics or similar backing materials) of a thickness (excluding any backing) not exceeding 0.2 mm

The tariff classification of cloth covered metal jewelry boxes from Canada.

Classification of Pez candy wrappers

Tariff treatment and the applicable duty exemptions for the "E-Z Prep Kit" and the "Safe Start IV Start Pak".GRI 3(c); 083137; assembly; sonic welding; 554885; packaging; Superscope; 058345/058346Dear Mr. Burke:This is in response to your letters of October 31, 1989, and March 16, 1990, on behalf of Becton Dickinson and Company, requesting a ruling on the applicability of subheadings 9802.00.80 and 9801.00.10, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS), to "E-Z Prep Kit" and "Safe Start IV Start Pak" to be imported from Mexico. Samples were submitted for examination. We regret the delay in responding to your request.FACTS:A wholly-owned subsidiary of Becton Dickinson and Company, Deseret Medical, Inc., will export various articles and packaging materials of U.S. origin, and latex gloves of Taiwanese origin to Mexico for assembly and packaging operations. Becton plans on producing kits and paks which will be used for cleaning and sterilizing patients prior to performing

The tariff classification of a corrective foot orthosis from France.

The tariff classification of gift tags from China.

The tariff classification of various paper articles, and a metal/plastic pump spray, from England

The tariff classification of printed paperboard lids for frozen-food containers, from the United Kingdom.

The tariff classification of paper gift tags from China.

Bearing Kit #88244; NY C81279, Affirmed

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