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Internal advice; classification of industrial depth filters; paper pulp; cellulose; diatomaceous earth; article of paper pulp; slab, plate, block.

Decision on Application for Further Review of Protest No.3501-95-100254; 100 percent polyester nonwoven filter material; resin bonding;used as filter in desalination, chemical and waste treatmentprocesses; not essentially of cellulosic materials therefore notclassifiable in Chapter 48, HTS; filter fabric for technical use;Note 7 to Chapter 59; 5911.40.0000; HRL 955244 (4/4/94): 954138(6/15/93); 950167 (3/13/92).

The tariff classification of teabag paper, from Hong Kong

The tariff classification of activity kits from China

The tariff classification of an activity kit from China

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