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Application for Further Review of Protest No. 1401-94-100186; classification of air filtermedia

Decision on Application for Further Review of Protest No. 4501-93-100047; classification of engagement book; organizer; day/weekplanner; agenda; dairy; not "similar to" a diary; 4820.10.2010,HTSUSA; Fred Baumgarten v. United States, 49 Cust. Ct. 275, Abs.67150 (1962); Brooks Bros. v. United States, 68 Cust. Ct. 91, C.D.4342 (1972); Charles Scribner's Sons v. United States, 574 F. Supp.1058; 6 C.I.T. 168 (1983). HRL's 089960 (2/10/92); 952691(1/11/93); 953172 (3/19/93); 953413 (3/29/93); 955253 (11/10/93);955199 (1/24/94); 955636 (4/6/94); 955637 (4/6/94); 955516(4/8/94).

The tariff classification of a "General Purpose Absorbent Pad" and an "Oil Specific Absorbent Pad" produced in the United States. Schedule B.

NAFTA Advance Ruling Request for Country of Origin Marking Requirements for diamonds mined in Canada but cut and polished in Belgium, India, Israel, Russia, Thailand or another third country

The tariff classification of paper pulp from Ecuador.

Classification and country of origin determination for boys' denim pants and shorts; 19 CFR 102.21(c)(4)

The tariff classification of a Fabric Santa Claus from the Philippines.

The tariff classification of “Sokerol”, from Australia.

Zenith Z2020 CD Clock Radio

The tariff classification of women’s knit tops from Fiji.

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