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Classification of aquarium power filter cartridges.

Applicability of partial duty exemption under HTSUS subhead- ing 9802.00.80 to luxury vans imported from Mexico.Data General Corporation (1982);General Instrument Corp. (1973); 045638;058644;Southern Air Transport, Inc., (1980);Mast Industries, Inc. (1981);Surgikos, Inc. (1988);General Motors Corp. (pending litigation);limited holding.

Applicability of subheading 9801.00.10, HTSUS, and country of origin marking requirements, to U.S.-made junction boxes exported to Mexico and packaged with foreign screws

The tariff classification of a woman's upper body garment from Hong Kong

Children's Backpack laminated with plastic

Tariff classification of carpet sample displays

The tariff classification of natural fossils from Morocco.

The tariff classification of a brass wall lamp from India.

Country of origin marking requirements of U.S.-grown carrots exported for processing and packaging and returned to the U.S.

The tariff classification of a scrub top from Pakistan.

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