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The tariff classification of cork products from Portugal

Revocation of Headquarters Ruling Letter 087392 (8/6/92); Request for Internal Advice 15/90; Tariff Classification of Composite Cork/Rubber Gasket Material and Finished Gaskets

Internal Advice (IA) 58/92; Classification of composite cork and rubber blocks

Request for Internal Advice 15/90; Gaskets and gasket material; Cork; Rubber; Cork and rubber composite; Agglomerated cork; Parts of automobiles; Parts of machines; Parts of engines.

Further review of protest no. 1303-93-100322; classification of rolls and sheets made of agglomerated cork and a polyurethane binder; synthetic rubber; Legal Note 1, Chapter 40, HTSUSA; Legal Note 4; classification of cork tiles; backed with paper; reinforced

Tariff classification of sheets and rolls of agglomerated cork with a binder of polyurethane; synthetic rubber; Legal Note 1 and 4 of Chapter 40, HTS

Decision on Application for Further Review of Protest No. 3701-93-100114; cork cylinders

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