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Day Planner; agenda; organizer; set; GRI 3; similar container; plastic; paper.

The tariff classification of coin purses from China.

The tariff classification of handbags and wallets from China.

Tariff classification of clutch bags; articles of a kind normally carried in the pocket or handbag; wallet; flat goods; handbags; TSUS.

Classification of a drawstring pouch made of polyester yarn;spectacle pouch; eyeglass pouch; pouch for sunglasses

The tariff classification of a coin purse, a wallet, a cigarette case and a disposable lighter from Macau.

Modification of New York Ruling Letter 847053;Classification of a Coated Textile Travel Bag; Outer Surface ofTransparent Plastics

The tariff classification of a polturethane cigarette casefrom Macau and a disposable cigarette lighter from Hong Kong.

Tariff Classification of a nylon neck pouch produced in Hong Kong, Korea or China.

Tariff classification of a toiletry bag.

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