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The tariff classification of five short lengths of monofilaments for making brooms and brushes, from Mexico.

The tariff classification of 3D printing filaments from China

The tariff classification of monofilament from China

The tariff classification of a 3D drawing pen from China.

The tariff classification of "Emaweld adhesive materials".

The tariff classification of Pintlepins from Canada.Dear Mr. McKenny:In your letter dated July 18, 1990, on behalf of Lippert Pintlepin Mfg. Inc., you requested a tariff classification ruling.You have submitted information concerning a product called Pintlepins. The Pintlepins consist of lengths of monofilament of nylon, polyester or polyetheretherketone (peek) which are connected by a small piece of brass or stainless steel tubing to a length of stainless steel wire which comes to a point like a needle. The monofilament varies in width from .30 mm to 3.05 mm and is sometimes covered by a textile braid of Nomex or nylon. The monofilament varies in length from 3' to 40', the stainless steel wire leader may be the same length as the monofilament or it may be shorter. The Pintlepins are used to close seams on dryer felts and other technical use belts used primarily in the paper making industry. The metal leader and tubing is cut off and discarded after leading the monofila-ment throug

The tariff classification of a conveyor belt fastener system from Germany.

Application for Further Review of Protest 5301-96-100431,dated September 18, 1996, Regarding Teadit 24B Joint Sealant

The tariff classification of the Siftek™ filter membrane system and filter membrane material (monofilament) from Canada

The tariff classification of fiberglass reinforced monofilaments from Korea

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