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The tariff classification of Amberlyst 15 (CAS-9037-24-5) from China.

The tariff classification of Patiromer Sorbitex Calcium (CAS# 1415477-49-4)

The tariff classification of Polacrilin Potassium NF (CAS-39394-76-5), in powder form, from France, Belgium, Switzerland, and other European countries

The classification of Q Ceramic HyperD; S Ceramic HyperD; DEAE Ceramic HyperD; and CM Ceramic HyperD ion exchange resins in bulk from France.

Protest 1001-96-106391; Eljer Manufacturing, Inc; Silane Grafted, Crosslinked Initiated Resin and Masterbatch Catalyst

The tariff classification of Colesevelam hydrochloride ion-exchange resins in bulk form (CAS-182815-44-7) from Austria.

Tariff classification of polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel beads from Japan.

The classification of Diaion HPK25 (CAS-68441-33-8); HPA25 (CAS-60177-39-1); and HPA75 (CAS-68441-27-0) ion exchange resins from Japan.

The classification of various DEAE-, CM- and SP-Trisacryl;

The classification of Ultragel AcA 54; Ultragel AcA202; Ultragel AcA22; Ultragel AcA34; Ultragel AcA44; Ultragel A2; Ultragel A4; Ultragel A6; DEAE Trisacryl M; and DEAE Trisacryl LS from France.

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