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The tariff classification of "Novon" thermoplastic starchpellets from Switzerland

Internal Advice Request 74/91 Regarding the Classification ofXanthan Gum Produced by Microbial Fermentation Dear Mr. Mattina:

The tariff classification of Agarose, in bulk form, fromJapan, Taiwan and Spain.

The tariff classification of hydroxypropyl chitosan (CAS- 84069-44-3), in powder form, from Japan

The classification of Primex chitosan in bulk and Polysanchitosan in capsules from Norway.

potassium chondroitin sulfate imported in bulk form

Classification of chitin in bulk and tablets from Japan. Dear Mr. Kojima:

The tariff classification of Xylitol (CAS-87-99-0); dl-รก-Tocopherol (CAS-2074-53-5); Thiamine Hydrochloride (CAS-67-03-8); Xanthan Gum (CAS-11138-66-2); and Sodium Erythorbate (CAS-6381-77-7), all imported in bulk form, from China

Tariff classification of sodium chondroitin sulfate 90% (CAS-39455-18-0) from Brazil

The tariff classification of Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium (CAS-140207-93-8), imported in bulk form, from Hungary

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