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The tariff classification of Platamid H005, H585, H105, M548 and M840 copolyamide resins, in powder form, from Germany

The tariff classification of Jointmide 348 polyamide (CAS-68410-23-1) from Taiwan.

The tariff classification of sodium of polyaspartic acid (CAS-181828-06-8, 35608-40-6) from Canada.

Tariff classification of a polycaprolactam amide based cooling agent from Japan.

Ancamide 220, An Epoxy Curing Agent

The tariff classification of Hexanedioic acid, polymer with 1,3-benzenedimethanamine (CAS-25718-70-1) from Belgium.

The classification of Artley Y19RBT from Japan.

The tariff classification of Polyamide 41BR1 polyamide-6,6 with 2-3% polyamide-6 (CAS-24993-04-2) from various countries.

The classification Rhodia Technyl A218V35 Blk21N, A218V30 Blk34NG and A238V13 Blk21N polyamide-6,6 resins from Canada. Dear Mr. Tomenga:

Tariff classification of polyamide-4,6 glass reinforced black pellets from the Netherlands.

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