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The tariff classification of "VITON", an elastomeric fluoropolymer in

Classification of Dyneon E-16138 and E-16146 perfluoroelastomers from Germany

NAFTA Eligibility of Structural Foam Boards

Classification of a fluoropolymer CAS-56357-87-0 from Japan. Dear Mr. Schau:

Protest No. 2809-9-001891; "DAI-EL Thermoplastics T-630"

The tariff classification of reground fluorinated polymers of ethylene and propylene from China, Taiwan and the United States.

The tariff classification of FLUOREL FC-2174, FC-2180, FC-2120, FC-2123, and FC-2181 fluoroelastomers, in primary form, from Belgium

Classification of Dai-El Perfluor GA-105 elastomeric fluoropolymer from Japan.

Protest 5301-99-100109; Fluoropolymers THV 200, 400, 500

Protest 1001-00-102251; Dai-El Perfluor GA-15

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