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NAFTA Eligibility of Structural Foam Boards

Classification of Dyneon E-16138 and E-16146 perfluoroelastomers from Germany

The tariff classification of "VITON", an elastomeric fluoropolymer in

The tariff classification of reground fluorinated polymers of ethylene and propylene from China, Taiwan and the United States.

Classification of Dai-El Perfluor GA-105 elastomeric fluoropolymer from Japan.

Classification of a fluoropolymer CAS-56357-87-0 from Japan. Dear Mr. Schau:

The tariff classification of FLUOREL FC-2174, FC-2180, FC-2120, FC-2123, and FC-2181 fluoroelastomers, in primary form, from Belgium

Protest No. 2809-9-001891; "DAI-EL Thermoplastics T-630"

Protest 1001-00-102251; Dai-El Perfluor GA-15

Protest 5301-99-100109; Fluoropolymers THV 200, 400, 500

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