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The tariff classification of Teflon fluoropolymers from Brazil.

The tariff classification of reground fluorinated polymers of ethylene and propylene from China, Taiwan and the United States.

The tariff classification of an inflatable snow tube from China

Protest 5301-99-100109; Fluoropolymers THV 200, 400, 500

The tariff classification of footwear from China

The tariff classification of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CAS-68648-82-8) from Japan.

Skin abrasive articles; HQ 086282 and NY 831549 revoked

Protest No. 0401-03-100033; Candleholders; Goblets and glasses; Decorative handblown glassware

Reconsideration of NY I84003, Lamp-worked Glass Articles known as Ecospheres, Lamp-Worked Glass, Ornaments

Internal Advice Request; U.S. International Trade Commission; General Exclusion Order; Investigation No. 337-TA-861/867; Certain Cases for Portable Electronic Devices

Pg. 1 of 10 • 97 results