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The tariff classification of Dutral CO 054, CO 059, CO 554and CO 058 synthetic polymers, in primary form, from Italy

Classification of an ethylene-propylene copolymer in pellet form from various countries.

Tariff classification of AUROREN 200S acrylic modified polyolefin from Japan.

Tariff Classification of Vestoplast C 9020; Revocation of NewYork Ruling Letter (NYRL) A86113, Dated September 3, 1996

The classification of a propylene copolymer from Japan.

Request for Further Review of Protest 1601-93-100213, Dated September 24, 1993, Concerning Irregularly Shaped Pieces of Plastics

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 2704-91- 101278, dated March 13, 1991, liquidated December 21, 1990, concerning Visnex XLM-12; ethylene-propylene copolymer

The tariff classification of four grades of Dutral, namely, PM 05 PLP, PM 07 PLP, PM 08 PLP, and PM 09 PLP from Italy.

The tariff classification of VESTOPLAST C 9020, in granular form, from Germany

The tariff classification of maleic anhydride modified propylene copolymer (CAS 25722-45-6) from Japan

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