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The tariff classification of Dutral CO 054, CO 059, CO 554and CO 058 synthetic polymers, in primary form, from Italy

Application for Further Review of Protest 3901-08-101355; Duty Suspension of Polyisobutylene

Classification of an ethylene-propylene copolymer in pellet form from various countries.

Internal Advice Request No. 52/92; atactic polypropylene; APP; HRL 951972

Tariff classification of AUROREN 200S acrylic modified polyolefin from Japan.

19 U.S.C. 1516; amorphous polyolefin; polyalpha olefin

Internal Advice Request No. 38/93; atactic polypropylene; APP; IA 52/92; HRL 954314

Tariff Classification of Vestoplast C 9020; Revocation of NewYork Ruling Letter (NYRL) A86113, Dated September 3, 1996

The classification of a propylene copolymer from Japan.

Request for Further Review of Protest 1601-93-100213, Dated September 24, 1993, Concerning Irregularly Shaped Pieces of Plastics

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