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The tariff classification of 6 Hot Melt EdgebandingAdhesives from Canada.

Adhesive Transfer Tape

Glue Guns; Glue; GRI 3(b) ["sets"]; EN to GRI 3(b); DD867186 revoked; 3506.10.50; 8205.59.55; EN 82.05; EN 85.16

The tariff classification of appliqué, glue, and a fabric marker from Brazil

The tariff classification of a roadside emergency kit from China

The tariff classification of a wallet, accessory strap, split rings, glue and and E-Z Leash set from Costa Rica.

The tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), of an adhesive from Canada; Article 509

NY A82094 affirmed; Staple and Glue Gun Kit; 28-Piece Fastener Tool Kit; Glue Gun, Staple Gun, Bit Driver Handle With Bits, Utility Knife, Power Scissors, and Assorted Fasteners, in Zippered Vinyl Case; Sets, GRI 3, Essential Character; Household Handtools, 8205.51.30, Electrothermic Appliance of a Kind Used for Domestic Purposes, Subheading 8516.80.80; HQ 083828

Pg. 1 of 9 • 88 results