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Classification for a polyurethane mastic caulking compound, polyurethane nonrefractory surfacing preparation and polyurethane mastic adhesive from various countries.

The tariff classification of a “Mastic Sealer” from Korea

The tariff classification of Pergo Sealant from Sweden.

The Tariff classification of Polysil silicone based sealant from Turkey.

The Tariff classification of Makroflex polyurethane sealing foam from Estonia.

Tariff classification of a rubber based caulking compound in cord form from China.

The tariff classification of a polyisobutylene based caulking and sealing compound from Mexico.

The tariff classification of Leakmaster LV-1 polyurethane water sealing caulking compound from Japan.

The classification of a sealant repair kit from Japan

Classification of QLII (Sealer/ Coater) from France.

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