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Classification of Peptamen, a complete, nutritional elemental diet, made in France.

Tariff Classification of Analog XP, Maxamaid XP, Maxamum XP

The tariff classification of Cyanocobalamin Injection in dosage form, from France

The tariff classification of Etodolac Tablets, Calcitriol Capsules, and Azelastine Hydrochloride Nasal Spray imported in dosage form, from India

The tariff classification of a canine general vermifuge andvitamin supplement from Taiwan.

The tariff classification of Phytonadione Tablets in dosage form, from India

Reconsideration of vitamins

Nutritional Food Product - Medicament - Fortified Food - Food Supplement.

Protest 1001-01-100376; ENADA- NADH; Tablets put up in Blister Form; Vitamins and their Derivatives; Other Medicaments; Food Preparations Not Elsewhere Specified or Included Dear Port Director:

PKU Express and PKU Gel

Pg. 1 of 2 • 20 results