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The tariff classification of the Calcitriol (CAS-32222-06-3) in bulk powder form, from the Netherlands

The tariff classification of Microvit H Promix 1000, in bulk form, from

Internal Advice Request No. 47/91; menadione sodium bisulfite; MSB; 2936; vitamins

The tariff classification of Vitamin D3, in bulk form, fromJapan.

Protest 1601-01-100512; LutavitĀ® D3 500 S; animal feed preparations

Protest 1001-01-100376; ENADA- NADH; Tablets put up in Blister Form; Vitamins and their Derivatives; Other Medicaments; Food Preparations Not Elsewhere Specified or Included Dear Port Director:

The tariff classification of Ergocalciferol (CAS-50-14-6), imported in bulk form, from China

The tariff classification of SEPIVITAL (CAS 127061-56-7) from Japan

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 1101-4-100670 dated November 22, 1994 and liquidated September 23, 1994; menadione sodium bisulfite; HRL 950338

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 4701-18-100255; classification of menaquinone-7 preparations

Pg. 1 of 2 • 15 results