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The tariff classification of Q-BCIM (CAS 7189-82-4), Q-LCV (CAS 603-48-5), Q-820 (CAS 75980-60-8), Q-623 (CAS 65447-77-0), and Q-W302B (CAS 16470-24-9), from China, Taiwan, and South Korea.

The tariff classification of Liarozole Fumarate (CAS# 145858-52-2), imported in bulk and tablet forms, from Belgium

The tariff classification of Magnate Technical (CAS 35554-44-0) from Israel.

The tariff classification of Benzoyl peroxide,CAS # 94-36-0 from Italy, 3,4-Diaminopyridine, CAS # 54-96-6 from Austria and 4-Methyl-3-(1H-Imidazole-2-ylamino)-N-(3-trifluoromethylphenyl)benzamide, CAS # not available, from Czech Republic

Protest AFR No. 3195-04-100142; Polypeptides; 9817.85.01 Prototype Treatment; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(b); Actual Use; 19 CFR 10.134; Classification

Protest 0401-99-100328; amino acid derivatives

The tariff classification of Bromocresol Purple, Sodium Salt (water soluble), CAS 62625-30-3, from Austria; 2-(2,4-Dichlorophenyl)ethylamine, CAS 52516-13-9, from France and N-[3-(1H-Imidazol-2-ylamino)-4-methylphenyl]-3-trifluoromethylbenzamide, CAS not available

The tariff classification of 1-[(4-Bromophenyl)Methyl]-2-Butyl-4-Chloro-1H-Imidazole-5-Methanol (CAS 151015-31-6) from Japan.

The tariff classification of W-3 (CAS 34233-64-2), WB-2 (CAS 17354-14-2), WR-1 (CAS 116-82-5), C-1209 (CAS 92589-17-8), and YK-9 (CAS 150919-56-5) from Japan.

The tariff classification of Synthetic Peptides CP-01-13760, A14B, CP-01-13881, CP-01-13708, CP-01-13848, CP-01-13830, CP-01-13872, CP-01-13664, CP-01-13785, and CP-01-13691 from the United Kingdom.

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