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The tariff classification of Xylitol (CAS-87-99-0); dl-รก-Tocopherol (CAS-2074-53-5); Thiamine Hydrochloride (CAS-67-03-8); Xanthan Gum (CAS-11138-66-2); and Sodium Erythorbate (CAS-6381-77-7), all imported in bulk form, from China

The tariff classification of a-D-glucose pentacetate, CAS # 604-68-2, Galactitol, CAS # 608-66-2, N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine, CAS # 7512-17-6, 1,2-O-Isopropylindene a-D-glucofuranose, CAS # 18549-40-1, Cellobiose octaacetate, CAS # 3616-19-1, imported in bulk form, from China

The tariff classification Isophthaladehyde, CAS 626-19-7, from Taiwan and (S)-1,2,4-Butanetriol, CAS 42890-76-6, from Korea

The tariff classification of Isomalt, a mixture of sorbitoland mannitol from West Germany.

and R' may be the same or different. You claim that since di-penta does not contain either an alkyl or an aryl group (althoughit does have the R-O-R structure), di-penta does not satisfy theENs definition of ethers and should not, therefore, be classifiedas such. You also point out that the ether content of di-pentaaccounts for none of its chemical activity; that the chemicalactivity displayed is entirely attributable to the hydroxylgroups characteristic of penta and polypentaerythritols. As aresult you suggest that di-penta be classified as polyhydricalcohol derived from sugars in subheading 2905.49.2000, HTSUS. This would be appropriate you believe as polyhydric alcohols arecompounds containing multiple OH groups, and di-penta containssix OH groups. You state that it is derived from formaldehyde,acetaldehyde, and an alkaline condensing agent, which combine tocreate pentaerythose, a sugar, with some formaldehyde left over;the sugar and formaldehyde then react to give a combination

The tariff classification of Xylitol (CAS # 87-99-0), Phenolphthalein (CAS # 77-09-8), Reneck Salt (CAS # 13573-16-5), Potassium Tetraoxlate, Dihydrate (CAS # 6100-20-5), Biuret (CAS # 108-19-0) and N-Phenyl Glycine Sodium Salt (CAS # 10265-69-7) from Japan

The tariff classification of Erythritol, CAS No. 149-32-6, from China

Crystalline Xylitol

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