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The tariff classification of Zirconium Dioxide from China

Application for further review of Protest No. 1001-3-100506, dated January 27, 1993; zirconia ingots not 2846.90

The tariff classification of Refined Zirconia (SCP-1), Refined Zirconia (SCP-2), High Pure Zirconia (SHP), Ultrafine Zirconia (SUF), Commercial Zirconia (SCZ), Zirconium Oxychloride from Japan

The tariff classification of Sodium Benzoate, Zirconium Dioxide, Boric Oxide, Boric Acid and Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide from China, Romania and Russia

The tariff classification of FZ-5 and FZ-02 from Japan

The classification of SODIUM CARBOXYMETHYL CELLULOSE 60 mPa Na-C (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose; CAS-9004-32-4); PLURONIC L62 (polyoxypropylene-polyoxyethylene polymer; CAS-9003-11-6); and GERMANIUM DIOXIDE (germanium dioxide; CAS-1310-53-8) from Japan. Dear Mr. Zima: In your letter dated April 27, 1998 on behalf of AMAC Corp. you requested a tariff classification ruling.

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