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USMCA Eligibility; Diluted Crude Oil

Petroleum products; U.S. Virgin Islands; insular possession; CBERA; CBTPA; duty-free treatment; General Notes 3(a)(iv)(D) and 12(t), HTSUS; “NAFTA parity” provision; inventory management system

The tariff classification of a mixture of 1-decene dimer (CAS-17438-89-0) and other unsaturated acyclic C20H42 hydrocarbon isomers from Belgium

The tariff classification of “AlphaPlus C24-28” and “AlphaPlus C20-24” from an undisclosed country of origin

The tariff classification and eligibility of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) of a bitumen and diluent blended product from Canada

The tariff classification of Dodecene (propylene tetramer) CAS Number 68526-58-9, imported from an unspecified country

The tariff classification, country of origin, and eligibility under GSP of undenatured hydrous sugar cane ethanol imported for industrial use from Brazil.

AFR of Protest No. 3604-20-100428; 19 U.S.C. § 1520(d); NAFTA claim

The tariff classification of diluent from Canada

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