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Request for Binding Ruling; Classification of Bitumen-Condensate Blends

Tariff classification of Petrozuata Heavy synthetic crude oil from Venezuela.

The tariff classification and eligibility of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) of a bitumen and diluent blended product from Canada

NAFTA; fungible materials; Inventory Management Method; Average Method; Crude Oil; diluent/condensate

Tariff classification, country of origin and NAFTA eligibility of crude oil from Canada

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FTZ admission of petroleum products transported in bond through pipelines

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Internal advice; foreign trade zone; privileged foreign status; preferential treatment; ATPDEA; 19 CFR 10.201-207 This is in response to your memorandum dated July 29, 2003, requesting internal advice regarding crude oil entered by Tesoro Hawaii Corporation ("Tesoro") from the Port of Honolulu’s Foreign Trade Zone No. 009A. We have considered the facts and issues raised and our response follows.

The tariff classification of a bitumen and diluent blended product from Canada

Application for Further Review of Protest Number 3304-10-100069; NAFTAEligibility of Crude Oil Imported from Canada; NAFTA Certificates of Origin; Diluent/Condensate

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