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The tariff classification of limestone gravel and limestone gravel/sand from the Dominican Republic

The tariff classification of crushed rock from Japan

Request for Reconsideration of Headquarters Ruling Letter 957705; “My Size Barbie” and “My Size Bride Barbie”; Doll Garments That Can Also Be Worn by Small Girls; Doll Clothing; Subheading 9502.91.0000, HTSUSA; North American Free Trade Agreement

The tariff classification of a woman’s pullover from Canada

The tariff classification of a woman’s cardigan from Taiwan

The tariff classification of crushed porphyry, powdered porphyry, and mixtures of water and porphyry from Japan

Five stone articles

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 0401-98-100342; U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement; capacitors; double substantial transformation; product of; liquidation issues

ssuming that the calcium carbonate within the product is naturally derived, that no other chemicals or minerals are added to the product and that no chemical reactions take place when the calcium carbonate is combined with the water. For purposes of this ruling, we are assuming that the product is simply natural calcium carbonate derived from the earth and that the water is merely a carrier. In a telephone conversation with this office you stated your belief that these assumptions represent the facts applicable to this merchandise.

The tariff classification of two cotton/paper yarn blend twill woven fabrics containing yarns of different colors from Japan.

Pg. 1 of 5 • 47 results