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Classification of blended strip tobacco; Country of origin marking for blended strip tobacco; substantial transformation; cigarettes; tariff rate quota; 19 CFR 134.35(a); 2401.20.8590; 2401.20.8790; BBS; HQ 562176; NY C86085; JT International Manufacturing America, Inc.

The tariff classification of unfinished cut cigar-filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic.

Protest 1704-98-100033; Tobaccos; Actual Use in the UnitedStates

The tariff classification of American tobacco that is exported to Canada where it is sliced, reconditioned, blended with various foreign tobaccos, re-dried, and then returned to the United States; 9802.00.80.

The tariff classification of tobacco imported for nicotine extraction, from the Philippines or other countries.

Protest 1401-04-100353; Classification and Tariff Rate Quota For Tobacco Strips; Actual Use ProvisionDear Port Director:

Threshed Cigarette Leaf Tobacco

Reconsideration of HRL 563119; NAFTA; manufactured tobacco.


Application For Further Review of Protest No 1404-93-100012;Fragments of Oriental Tobacco Leaves

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