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Protest 1801-94-100006; frozen orange juice; refund ofantidumping duties; entry liquidated when antidumping dutysuspension in effect; 19 U.S.C. 1514(c)(2); 19 CFR 159.9; Sea-Land Services, Inc. v. United States; United States v. UtexInternational, Inc.; HQ 223482; Juice Farms, Inc., v. UnitedStates.

Classification of three styles of women's lingerie garments; classification of a teddy, chemise and camisole/panty set

The tariff classification of PL-2135 Rinse from Japan.

Classification of ethanol under the Harmonized TariffSchedule of the United States (HTSUS).

Alcoholic distillates

The tariff classification of 190 proof ethyl alcohol fromChile.

The tariff classification of ethanol from Brazil.

The tariff classification of 5-Iodovanillin from

Tariff classification and duty status under UAFTA for ethanol from Australia.

The tariff classification of various mixtures from Canada.

Pg. 1 of 10 • 98 results