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Protest No. 2002-09-100007; Vessel Repair Entry No. C20-0063247-4; S/R BAYTOWN; 19 U.S.C. ยง 1466

Vessel Repair Entry No. C49-0021777-8; U.S. Parts; Inspections; Maintenance; Cleaning; Scavenger Air Spaces; M/V SAMUEL L. COBB; V-116

Vessel Repair; Modification; Equipment; Cleaning; 19 U.S.C. 1466; S/S ADMIRALTY BAY; Entry No. C31-0005020-3.

Vessel Repair; Protest; Late Filing of Invoice; Late Entry; Vessel SEISMIC EXPLORER; Entry No. C14-0006361-1

Cleaning in preparation of repairs; damage survey Vessel: Barge JOVALAN Date of Arrival: August 10, 1989 Port of Arrival: Long Beach, CA Vessel Repair Entry No. C27-0075267-1

Vessel Repair; Cleaning; Survey; Modification; Repair; Vessel LIBERTY BELL, V-2; Entry Number C27-0012580-3

Coastwise transportation of goods from British Columbia, Canada to the Yukon Territory in Canada via Seattle, Washington, to Skagway, Alaska on a coastwise-qualified vessel.

Protest No. 27049-001015, PRESIDENT KENNEDY V-1

Protest No. 1401-90-000026: Vessel Repair Entry No. C14-0016679-4: Date of Arrival December 24, 1988, Norfolk, Virginia: Vessel, RAINBOW HOPE

Vessel Repair; Scavenger air spaces; Cleaning or maintenance; Vessel PRESIDENT KENNEDY V-30; Vessel repair entry No. C27-0054185-0

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