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Classification of dried, sulfured apricots under the Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the United States (HTSUS).

The tariff classification of Dried Fruit & Coconut from Thailand

The tariff classification of dried apricots, and apricot kernels from Turkey

The tariff classification of almonds, walnuts, black and golden raisins, and apricots from Uzbekistan

Ruling Request; dried fruit and dried vegetables; drawback; manufacture or production; unused merchandise; NAFTA same condition; 19 U.S.C. 1313(j)(1); 19 U.S.C. § 1313(j)(3); 19 U.S.C. §3333(s); 19 CFR 181.45(b)(1).

Request for Reconsideration of New York Ruling Letter Dated April 17, 1989, Concerning the Classification of Apricots

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