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The tariff classification of textile toys and a puzzle from China

The tariff classification of Methylene Chloride-D2, Pyridine-D5, Tetrahydrofurane-D8 and Toluene-D8 from Russia

The tariff classification of Chloroform-D, Cyclohexane-D12,Dioxane-D8 and Ethyl Alcohol-D6 from Russia Dear Mr. Wolny:

The tariff classification of Acetic Acid-D4, Acetone-D6, Acetonitrile-D3 and Benzene-D6 from Russia

Reconsideration of NYRL 886555; Dolls in carriage classified in 9502 as dolls representing only human beings; Not 9505 festive articles; Not 4420 statuettes of wood; Not 8306 statuettes of base metal; GRI 3(b) composite good; HRLs 080969, 951457

Classification of a photo album with photograph frame cover

PRD 1512-96-100158; Thrust Rollers, Roller Assemblies, Parts of Fork Lift Trucks, Machine Elements Incorporating Ball or Roller Elements, Load Rollers, Heading 8431; Section XVI, Note 2; HQ 088888, T.D. 94-22, Mast Guide Rollers; Detrimental Reliance, Section 177.9(e)(2)

Classification of a photograph frame/album

Modification of NY N202228; tariff classification of printed circuit board switch assemblies from Canada

The tariff classification of a Bicycle Hub from Belgium and Country of Origin Marking Of Imported Bicycle HubsDear Mr. Simpson:

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