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The tariff classification of fresh chestnuts (Castanea spp.)from France.

The tariff classification of shelled macadamia nuts fromGuatemala.

The tariff classification of dehydrated, shelled and peeledchestnuts (Castanea spp.) and chestnut flour from Italy.

Classification of Hulled Pumpkin Seeds

Country of origin marking of rigid steel conduits and fittings externally coated withpolyvinyl chloride; 733579; 733579; 732652; 731652; 734270; 134.44(b); 134.42(m)

The tariff classification of boys' and girls' underwear from Hong Kong.

Protest 1001-92-107315; Sira Image Automation laser-based inspection system; subheading 9031.80.00; HQ 080094, 080294, 084646, 952000, 953312, 953826; HSC, 7th Session (Doc. 36.457, 36.274 (HSC/6)); Timex Corp. v. U.S.; Digital Equipment Corp. v. U.S.; chapter 90, add. U.S. note 3; "optical instruments"

The tariff classification of shelled raw almonds, hazel nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, peanuts and unshelled raw pistachios from Lebanon, Turkey, India, Iran and Syria.

The tariff classification of raw, whole pistachio nut meats from Iran.

Shopping Bags and Garment Bag

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