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The tariff classification of Fibrskope 2 microscope from the United Kingdom

The tariff classification of Rose Hips #60, a dried fruit,Chamomile flowers #52, dried and crushed, but not admixed,Cornflower leaves #65, dried and crushed, but not admixed,Rosebuds #56, dried and crushed, but not admixed and Safflower#61, dried and crushed, but not admixed that are all used as aningredient in herbal teas from Germany

Classification of Christmas gift packs consisting of cottonknit briefs in a decorative plastic bag

Modification of NYRL 869449; Raisin, Almond and Walnut Mixes in Wooden Bowls; Heading 4419; Tableware and Kitchenware of Wood; Golden Raisins Treated with Sulfur Dioxide; Heading 0813; Dried Fruit, Mixtures of Nuts or Dried Fruits; GRI 5, Not Containers; GRI 3(b), Not Composite Good or Set.

Cab Chassis; Note 4, Chapter 87; HQ 088749

Country of origin of mirror polished stainless steel,substantial transformation, finishing, polishing; 19 CFR 134.1;HQ 080139

Classification of Hulled Pumpkin Seeds

The tariff classification of automotive truck cab chassis' from Japan

The tariff classification of a ceramic tableware set from Taiwan.

Protest 2704-97-101425; dried lycii fruit; subheading0813.40.90

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