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The tariff classification of dog chews from Belgium.

The Tariff classification and country of origin marking under the North American Free Trade Agreement for bone black from Mexico.

The tariff classification of three women's garments from Hong Kong.

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 1101-14-100135; Classification of frozen veal bones from New Zealand

Protest 2809-96-100577; various glass containers; conveyanceor packing of goods; preserving jars of glass; glassware fortable, kitchen, toilet, office, indoor decoration; householdstorage articles; principal use; eo nominee; 7010; 7013; EN70.10; EN 70.13; U.S. Additional Note 1(a); T.D. 96-7; Myers v.United States, CIT Slip Op. 97-75; Group Italglass U.S.A., Inc.v. United States, 17 CIT 226 (1993); Commercial Aluminum CookwareCo. v. United States, 938 F. Supp. 875 (CIT 1996); Kraft, Inc, v.United States, 16 CIT 483 (1992); G. Heilman Brewing Co. v.United States, 14 CIT 614 (1990); United States v. CarborundumCompany, 63 CCPA 98, C.A.D. 1172, 536 F. 2d 373 (1976), cert.denied, 429 U.S. 979 (1976)

The tariff classification of women’s pajama separates from China or Hong Kong - correction to ruling H88048.

Reflectors for photographic flash equipment

The tariff classification of a child’s one-piece protective sun suit from South Africa and Zimbabwe Dear Mr. Vareldzis:

Natural Bone Human Skeletons

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