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Mr. Marvin Martin
California Olive Association
1112 I Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, California 95814

RE: Classification of Olives

Dear Mr. Martin:

This is in further reference to your inquiry pursuant to Section 516, Tariff Act of 1930, as amended, on behalf of the California Olive Association, on the classification and rate of duty of certain imported olives. The classification and rates of duty provided herein are under the Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the United States Annotated (HTSUSA), which on January 1, 1989, replaced the tariff schedules which were in effect when you submitted your request.

The types of olives listed by you were as follows:

(1) Fresh Olives "in natural condition"

(2) Olives for further processing provisionally preserved in brine, or other solution, not ready for immediate consumption;

(3) Processed olives in a saline solution:

(a) whole green olives (b) pitted green olives (c) stuffed green olives (d) place packed pitted and stuffed green olives (e) sliced wedges or chopped green olives (f) pitted green olives mixed with pimento

(4) Wet Greek Olives

(5) Dry Greek Olives

(6) Sicilian style olives

(7) Ripe olives in brine from olives that have had no caustic treatment


(8) California style black ripe olives in hermetically sealed containers

(a) whole (b) pitted (c) sliced (d) wedged (e) chopped

(9) Freeze Dried Olives

(10) Nicoise Style Olives

Classification of the above styled olives under the HTSUSA would be as follows:

Type of Olives HTSUSA No Rate of Duty

(1) Fresh 0709.90.35 11 cents /kg

(2) Provisionally preserved 0711.20.20 7.7 cents /kg not suitable for consumption

(3) Processed olives in a saline solution:

(a) prepared or 2005.70.10 7.7 cents /kg preserved, green in color, not pitted (b) pitted or stuffed 2005.70.20 11 cents /kg (c) stuffed green olives 2005.70.20 11 cents /kg (d) otherwise prepared 2005.70.80 11 cents /kg or preserved

(4) Wet Greek Olives

(a) provisionally preserved, not pitted 0711.20.20 11.6 cents /kg (b) pitted and stuffed 0711.20.40 11.3 cents /kg (c) otherwise prepared 2005.70.80 11 cents /kg

(5) Dry Greek Olives

(a) dried, not ripe 0712.90.15 11 cents /kg (b) dried, ripe 0712.90.20 5.5 cents /kg

(6) Sicilian Style Olives Green olives in saline solution, not pitted or


stuffed 2005.70.10.30 7.7 cents /kg pitted or stuffed 2005.70.20 11 cents /kg

(7) Ripe olives in brine

(a) provisionally 0711.20.20 7.7 cents /kg preserved not pitted or stuffed

(b) provisionally 0711.20.40 11.3 cents /kg preserved pitted or stuffed

(8) California Style Black Ripe Olives otherwise prepared or preserved 2005.70.80 11 cents /kg

(9) Freeze dried olives 0712.90.15 11 cents /kg dried olives, not ripe

dried olives, ripe 0712.90.20 5.5 cents /kg

(10) Nicoise style olives provisionally preserved, not suitable for consumption not pitted 0711.20.20 7.7 cents /kg

pitted or stuffed 0711.20.40 11.3 cents /kg

If you intend to pursue this petition, it is suggested that you follow the requirements of 19 CFR Part 175, copy enclosed.

Also for your information, there is enclosed copies of the sections of the HTSUSA which deal with the classification of olives.


John Durant, Director
Commercial Rulings Division


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