97 - 1
  • 1. This chapter does not cover:
    • (a) Unused postage or revenue stamps, postal stationery (stamped paper) or the like, of heading 4907;
    • (b) Theatrical scenery, studio backdrops or the like, of painted canvas (heading 5907) except if they may be classified in heading 9706; or
    • (c) Pearls, natural or cultured, or precious or semiprecious stones (headings 7101 to 7103).
  • 2. For the purposes of heading 9702, the expression "original engravings, prints and lithographs" means impressions produced directly, in black and white or in color, of one or of several plates wholly executed by hand by the artist, irrespective of the process or of the material employed by him, but not including any mechanical or photomechanical process.
  • 3. Heading 9703 does not apply to mass-produced reproductions or works of conventional craftsmanship of a commercial character, even if these articles are designed or created by artists.
  • 4.
    • (a) Subject to notes 1 through 3 above, articles of this chapter are to be classified in this chapter and not in any other chapter of the tariff schedule.
    • (b) Heading 9706 does not apply to articles of the preceding headings of this chapter.
  • 5. Frames around paintings, drawings, pastels, collages or similar decorative plaques, engravings, prints or lithographs are to be classified with those articles, provided they are of a kind and of a value normal to those articles. Frames which are not of a kind or of avalue normal to the articles referred to in this note are to be classified separately.
Additional U.S. Notes
  • 1. Heading 9703 covers not only original sculpture made by the sculptor, but also the first 12 castings, replicas or reproductions made from a sculptor's original work or model, by the sculptor himself or by another artist, with or without a change in scale and whether or not the sculptor is alive at the time the castings, replicas or reproductions are completed.
  • 2. Whenever an article is entered for sale under heading 9706, and thereafter determined to be not over 100 years of age, a duty of 6.6 percent ad valorem for articles subject to column 1-general treatment, free of duty for goods originating in the territory of Canada or a duty of 25 percent ad valorem for articles subject to column 2 treatment shall be assessed thereon in addition to any other duty or penalty imposed on such article under the tariff schedule.
Statistical Notes:
  • 1 For the purposes of statistical reporting number 9705.00.0075, "Archaeological pieces" are objects of cultural significance that are at least 250 years old and are of a kind normally discovered as a result of scientific excavation, clandestine or accidental digging or exploration on land or under water. For the purposes of statistical reporting number 9705.00.0080, "Ethnographic pieces", which may also be called "ethnological pieces" are objects that are the product of a tribal or nonindustrial society and are important to the cultural heritage of a people because of their distinctive characteristics, comparative rarity or their contribution to the knowledge of the origins, development or history of that people. See Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Informed Compliance Publication on "Works of Art, Collector's Pieces, Antiques, and Other Cultural Property".
  • 2. For statistical reporting of merchandise provided for in subheading 9705.00.00, collections made up of articles of more than one type of cultural property, i.e., zoological, biological, paleontological, archaeological, anatomical, etc., shall be reported by their separate components in the appropriate statistical reference numbers, as if separately entered.
Compiler's Note
The provisions of subchapter II of Chapter 99 (Miscellaneous Tariff Bills or MTBs), the provisions of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) found in General Note 4 and most product exclusions from the additional tariffs on products of China in subchapter III of Chapter 99 expired on December 31, 2020. However, no endnotes or footnotes relating to these provisions have been deleted as of the issue date of this edition.