Subheading Note
  • 1. In this chapter the following expressions have the meanings hereby assigned to them:
    • (a) Zinc, not alloyed
      Metal containing by weight at least 97.5 percent of zinc.
    • (b) Zinc alloys
      Metallic substances in which zinc predominates by weight over each of the other elements, provided that the total content by weight of such other elements exceeds 2.5 percent.
    • (c) Zinc dust
      Dust obtained by condensation of zinc vapor, consisting of spherical particles which are finer than zinc powders. At least 80 percent by weight of the particles pass through a sieve with 63 micrometers (microns) mesh. It must contain at least 85 percent by weight of metallic zinc.
Additional U.S. Note
  • 1. For the purposes of heading 7901, "casting-grade zinc" contains by weight at least 97.5 percent of zinc and contains by weight one or more of the following elements in the quantity indicated:
    • (a) more than 1.8 percent of lead,
    • (b) more than 1.8 percent of cadmium,
    • (c) more than 1.8 percent of iron,
    • (d) more than 0.5 percent of aluminum,
    • (e) more than 1 percent of copper,
    • (f) more than 0.08 percent of titanium,
    • (g) more than 0.1 percent of any other base metal, taken separately.