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Heading / Subheading Stat Suffix Article Description Unit of Quantity Rates of Duty
1-General 1-Special 2
Ethyl alcohol (provided for in subheadings 2207.10.60 and 2207.20) or any mixture containing such ethyl alcohol (provided for in heading 2710 or 3824) if such ethyl alcohol or mixture is to be used as a fuel or in producing a mixture of gasoline and alcohol, a mixture of a special fuel and alcohol, or any other mixture to be used as fuel (including motor fuel provided for in subheading 2710.12.15, 2710.19.16, 2710.19.24 or 2710.20.15), or is suitable for any such uses
14.27¢/ liter [2]No change (A) Free (CA, IL, MX) See U.S. note 3 to this sub- chapter (E) See U.S. note 3(e) (CO, PE)14.27¢/ liter [2]
Ethyl tertiary-butyl ether (provided for in subheading 2909.19.18) and any mixture containing ethyl tertiary-butyl ether
5.99¢/ liter [2]No change (A, E) Free (CA, IL, MX) See U.S. note 3(e) (CO, PE)5.99¢/ liter [2]
  • Footnotes
  • [1] See chapter 99 statistical note 1.
  • [2] See subchapter I, U.S. note 1.