Editorial Notes

1999—Subsec. (b)(8). Pub. L. 106–36 substituted “Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures referred to in section 3511(d)(12) of title 19, or any other export subsidy prohibited by that agreement” for “Agreement on Interpretation and Application of Articles VI, XVI, and XXIII of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade or any other export subsidy that may be prohibited as a result of the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations.”

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Fisheries Research Vessel Procurement

Pub. L. 106–450, title IV, § 401, Nov. 7, 2000, 114 Stat. 1945, provided that: “Notwithstanding section 644 of title 15, United States Code, and section 19.502–2 of title 48, Code of Federal Regulations, the Secretary of Commerce shall seek to procure Fisheries Research Vessels through full and open competition from responsible United States shipbuilding companies irrespective of size.”