Editorial Notes

2018—Subsec. (b)(6) to (8). Pub. L. 115–265, § 101(1), added pars. (6) to (8).

Subsecs. (c), (d). Pub. L. 115–265, § 101(2), (3), added subsec. (c) and redesignated former subsec. (c) as (d).

Subsec. (d)(2)(A). Pub. L. 115–265, § 101(4)(A), substituted “subparagraphs (B) and (C)” for “subparagraph (B)”.

Subsec. (d)(2)(C). Pub. L. 115–265, § 101(4)(B), added subpar. (C).

2012—Pub. L. 112–213, § 604(a)(1), struck out “Prevention and Removal” before “Program” in section catchline.

Subsec. (a). Pub. L. 112–213, § 604(a)(2), substituted “Program to identify, determine sources of, assess, prevent, reduce, and remove marine debris and address the” for “Prevention and Removal Program to reduce and prevent the occurrence and” and “marine debris on the economy of the United States, the marine environment, and” for “marine debris on the marine environment and”.

Subsec. (b). Pub. L. 112–213, § 604(b), amended subsec. (b) generally. Prior to amendment, subsec. (b) described components of the Marine Debris Prevention and Removal Program.

Subsec. (c)(1). Pub. L. 112–213, § 604(c)(1), substituted “section 1951” for “section 1951(1)”.

Subsec. (c)(5) to (7). Pub. L. 112–213, § 604(c)(2), (3), redesignated pars. (6) and (7) as (5) and (6), respectively, and struck out former par. (5) which required the Administrator to promulgate necessary guidelines for implementation of the grant program within 180 days after Dec. 22, 2006.