So in original. Probably should be “hereafter”.
received by the Department of Labor in payment of the cost of such work shall be deposited to the credit of the appropriation of that bureau, service, office, division, or other agency of the Department of Labor which supervised such work, and may be used, in the discretion of the Secretary of Labor, and notwithstanding any other provision of law, for the ordinary expenses of such agency and/or to secure the special services of persons who are neither officers nor employees of the United States.

This section and sections 9 and 9b of this title comprised sections 1 to 3 of act Apr. 13, 1934, which were to terminate one year after Apr. 13, 1934, pursuant to section 4 of act Apr. 13, 1934, set out as a Codification note under section 9 of this title. Such sections were temporarily extended by acts Apr. 11, 1935, and June 15, 1937, and were made permanent by act Apr. 15, 1939.