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The tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), of a RADIOCAP from Canada, Article 509

The tariff classification and marking of Circuit Card Assemblies for the "OmniBand" (TM) Model BD-3570 Broadband Descrambler and Model BSC-3060 Broadband Scrambler from the Philippines.

Advance NAFTA Ruling; 19 CFR 181.93; Non-Originating TunerSubassemblies; 8529.90.0100, HTSUS; Printed Circuit Assembly;8529.90.2400, HTSUS; Articles 302(2), 401(b) of the NAFTA; General Note 12(b), HTSUS;General Note 12(t)/85.94, HTSUS.

Eligibility for NAFTA preference of television receivers imported from Mexico; General Note 12(t)/85.84

13 Inch Televisions Combined with Video Cassette Recorders (TV/VCR); Additional U.S. Note 9 to chapter 85; NAFTA; General Notes 12(b)(i) and (ii)(A), and 12(t)/85.84; Change in Tariff Classification

Eligibility of a video surveillance camera for NAFTA preferential tariff treatment; General Note 12

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